What are you looking for?

That little bit of "extra" service!

We offer a range of local services in-store.  Some of these services are also available to our online customers, but not all of them.

Free local delivery

If you live in Huntly, or within a 3 mile radius, we will deliver your order / heavy shopping free of charge at a time that suits you (except Sundays).

If you live a little further away and can't come in to town to collect your order, we can arrange to meet you somewhere in-between at a time that suits you.  There may be an extra cost for this service.

Put-aside and pay-up later

We will put your item aside for you to collect at a later date.  If you live in Huntly or within a 3 mile radius, we can also deliver your item at a time that suits you (except Sundays) - there may be an extra cost for deliveries outwith a 3 mile radius of Huntly.  This is particularly popular at Christmas, and for birthday presents too.

You can also pay for your item in installments and collect it when it's fully paid up.  (Or we can deliver as per above.)

Wish lists

If you're having an event, birthday, leaving do, etc and you would like people to buy you a gift from us, you can write your choices onto a list.  We keep the list and hand it to your friends, family, work colleagues who choose a gift from your list.

There is also a wish list facility on our website but it works a little differently.  It's more like a save cart option.  When you'd like to buy something from your online wish list, simply transfer it to your cart and pay as normal.

Gift wrapping

We can gift wrap the majority of items in our shop for you.  There is no extra charge for this, but if there's a queue at the till, you may have to wait a little while.

Gift wrapping is a skill that we don't have, but we will do our best for you!

It's not possible to wrap some of our heavier items, especially our stone garden ornaments, so don't be upset if we say it's not possible to wrap something or provide a box for you.

Card writing

If you'd like a greetings card to be sent / delivered with your order, let us know.  We can write it for you if you tell us exactly what your message is.  We don't print off a typed copy and stick it in, we actually write it out for you, well Ellie does, nobody would ever be able to read Martyn's writing!

Private shopping

We introduced this service during the pandemic.  We understand that sometimes, you need a little space to shop without distractions.  We offer customers the chance to shop out-of-hours so you can feel safer and less hurried.  You are welcome to book an evening to pop along and enjoy a private shopping experience.  We don't charge for this service, neither do we supply any food or drink - we don't do this as a party experience, we just allow those customers who need that little bit of extra time, to come after normal shop hours and browse without others around.  This service is available from Monday - Friday from 5.30pm - 7pm ... PLEASE BOOK BEFOREHAND as we will have gone home at 5pm if we're not expecting you!

Bulk orders

Want to order in bulk?  Ask us about options.  We regularly order items in wholesale quantities for other organisations (groups / coffee mornings / schools / etc.) - we just add your items to our orders and you come and collect from us when it arrives!  Simple!  Sometimes we need to add a small charge to cover the extra cost to us for payment transactions or delivery (where applicable), but this isn't always the case.  If your organisation would like to add a wholesale amount of something to one of our orders, just ask us for details.