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Refill Service

We offer a refill service on some of our products.
Bring your own bottles, pots or bags and we will refill them with your favourite products.
It doesn't matter how small an amount you want - we weigh them in grams or millilitres.
We currently offer this service on the following ranges:
Household products - bring a bottle and refill in-store - not available to buy online
Health and Beauty products - bring a bottle to refill in-store - not available to buy online
Loose, dry food products - bring a container to store - also available  to buy online for "Click & Collect-in-Store",  local delivery and by mail to UK addresses.

For an up-to-date list of all the items available from our Refillery, please visit our Refillery section.
Since the first lockdown in 2020, we have been counting the number of refills that we do.  Although we've been refilling since 2014, we've only been counting our refills since 2020, so this figure is only from the past few years - who knows what our actual number of refills is!  We publish an up-to-date total on the first Tuesday of the month; we call it #totalizertuesday
Refillery Recipes
We've been putting together some recipe and meal ideas using the ingredients you can buy from our Refillery.
You'll find them in our Refillery Section under Refillery Recipes.
They're also available on our Refillery Recipe Facebook Group via our Facebook page.