Health & Beauty

We use our website as a list of our normal in-stock items.  However, if we only have one or two of an item, it will be listed as out of stock on our website.  Therefore, out of stock items may still be available in-store.
If you would like to purchase an out of stock item via our website, contact us to see if we have one that we can make available to you.

For an up-to-date list of all the health and beauty products available from our Refillery, please visit our Refillery page.

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Health & Beauty
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Dental Floss
Hand cream - intensive care
Organic. Vegan.
Hand Hygiene Spray - Lavender
Fair Trade. Organic. Vegan.
Hand Hygiene Spray - Peppermint
Fair Trade. Organic. Vegan.
Lip balm - lavera sensitive
Organic and gluten free
Moisturising cream - lavera
Organic and Vegan
Shaving Bar
Soap - Orange
Toothpaste - Black
Toothpaste - Sensitive
Toothpaste - Strawberry
Children's toothpaste
Toothpowder - Black
Wash puff
Hand made to order .
Face Scrubbie : Pair : White
Made to order.