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Book : Doric Alive an Kickin

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    Written by Deborah Leslie.
    Doric - Alive an Kickin is a collection of original Doric stories celebrating the unique character and humour of the North-East of Scotland.

    Deborah Leslie is a published short story author, children's novelist and prize-winning Doric writer.

    Ronnie teen a deep breath es he waatched he lichts o Stevie's motir disappearin oot the eyn o the aul fairm road.  His hairt wis gaun ten-te-the-dizzen es he chappit oan the open door o the ramshackle hoose.  He leukit aroon es he wytit: the wee craftie wis oot in the middle o naewye an the place wis roch bi onybody's standards.
    "Hullo!" he cried, keekin roon the neuk o the door.  "Is ere onybody ere?"
    "Come awa in," said a sife's vyce.

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