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Book : Doric Alive an Kickin 2

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    Author, Deborah Leslie.

    Doric - Alive an Kickin 2 is the second collection of short stories written in the the Doric dialect and features the lives and loves of a multitude of colourful characters.

    Deborah Leslie is a published short story author, children's novelist and prize-winning Doric writer.

    Later at wik, Jack fussled t'imsel es he gat riddy fir anither busy day in is barber's shop, Jist the Usual.
    He turnt roon the 'Open' sign an leent up against the door, smilin es is gase wannert aroon is empire.  Okay, he thocht, the place cud dee wi a lick o pint and a bittie o sprucin up, bis ess wis the wye folk likit it - nae frills; nae cairry-oan; jist a short back an sides it a decent price an aa the claik o the Toon forbye.

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