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Product Review : Kombucha

Product Review: Kombucha

Kombucha is a fermented, fizzy, sweetened black or green tea drink.  It’s made with a live yeast culture which gives it a slight trace of alcohol but not enough to brand it as an alcoholic drink.  Because it’s technically a “live” drink, it must be kept in a fridge and never shaken up!

I selected a kombucha using a green tea called gunpowder.  Gunpowder is a fresh, rich and golden green tea produced from the very tender, young leaves of the plant giving it a full flavour.

I was a little sceptical as I’m allergic to alcohol; even the smallest trace can give me a severe allergic reaction.  However as it’s classed as non-alcoholic, I thought I’d try it.

On opening, the bottle gave a satisfying fizz and the drink bubbled up nicely but didn’t overflow.  Pouring it immediately released a strong yeasty scent reminiscent of cider.  A small cautious sip revealed a lively, refreshing taste and the bubbles gave it a slightly sharp pop.  I could imagine this being drunk outside on a summers evening with cheese and crackers after a sizzling barbecue.

This is a refreshing drink, but I found it quite gassy and the yeasty smell was strong.  It is marketed as non-alcoholic however; I won’t be trying it again personally as after only a couple of sips to taste I did indeed suffer a mild allergic reaction to the alcohol content.

Marks out of 10 : I’d give it a 6½ as I’m not a fan of fizzy drinks and the yeasty smell was quite strong.  However the refreshing taste of the tea was there and with less pop and no alcohol I’m sure I would have found it a very enjoyable drink.


Ellie Turner
21 May 2019

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